Vegan guide to Vilnius

vegan guide to vilnius

Veganism is one of the fastest growing lifestyle movements in the World. This trend is rapidly spreading in Lithuania. 2016 was the year when the first vegan festival was organized in Vilnius. Our army offered an option for soldiers to choose vegetarian or vegan meals. Also, we just had the first march for the animal rights in Vilnius (organised by which gathered over 1000 people to raise the awareness of fur industry. Even some of our guides are on their way to becoming vegans as well. So lately we’ve been exploring vegan places too and here is a list that will make vegans’ stay in Vilnius much tastier!


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Where: Trakų g. 11
What to try: Try vegan quesadilla or their weekly burger (it changes weekly)

The first vegan bar-restaurant in Lithuania with 100% vegan menu. It’s a good choice for a casual meal. They offer business lunch (which includes soup and the main course) every day from Monday to Friday. Even though it’s not a fancy place, you will enjoy a good vibe and friendly staff.  Main courses cost approximately €5. Our guides really enjoyed a vegan quesadilla! 


Where: Subačiaus g. 6
What to try: Best falafels in Vilnius
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Probably the coziest place to eat in Vilnius! A family-run restaurant offers many vegetarian/vegan options. You will love their homey atmosphere. It will give you a feeling that you are eating at somebody’s dining room. We also recommend trying falafels here. Could be the best ones we ever had! “Namai” might be a bit hard to find, as it’s not in one of the main streets but it’s just 5-10 minutes walk from Vilnius town hall. Visit this restaurant in Subačiaus g. 6 and enjoy delicious veggie meals!


Where: Totorių g. 7
What to try: Cupcakes

A lovely café next to Gediminas avenue. It will welcome you with jazz music and a retro style interior. They are experts at making vegan desserts (cupcakes, cheesecakes, cookies, etc.); thus it’s definitely the best place to satisfy your sweet tooth. In addition to this they have a great variety of teas, almond or soy options for your coffee, vegan sandwiches and ice-cream!

vegan deserts vilnius
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Where: Šv. Ignoto g. 12-1
What to try: Chili stew or anything from their lunch menu

A vegan/vegetarian place (located right to “Meat lovers pub” 🙂 ). Being small and cozy, it gets really busy at lunch time, as it offers business lunch (Monday-Friday) for about 5 euros. Visit “Vieta” in Šv. Ignoto g. 12-1.

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Where: Gedimino pr. 31
What to try: Purple gnocchi

The very first place for luxurious vegan food lovers. Prices here are higher than in previously mentioned places but meals not only taste delicious but also look really beautiful. A newly opened restaurant will impress those who look for something more than just to fill your stomach. Try purple gnocchi here and you will know what we mean 😉 Address: Gedimino pr. 31


If you are not into restaurants and prefer to cook by yourself and just want to find a shop to buy vegan products, visit “Veggo shop” (the first vegan food shop in the Baltic States!) in Totoriu g. 3. If you head there you should buy “The Goodvibe Kitchen” vegan cheesecake bites. You can find more info here and A lot of healthy vegan/vegetarian food can be found in “Livinn” shops. They have a shop in the old town in “Go9” shopping mall (Gedimino pr.9). The friendliest supermarket for vegans in Vilnius is “Rimi”. In most of their shops there’s a separate fridge with vegan products as well.

vegan cheesecake
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Have a tasty trip!


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