How to reach Vilnius from Kaunas airport?

kaunas airport vilnius

From July 14 to August 17 11:59 p.m. Vilnius Airport (VNO) is closed for runway reconstruction, so for 35 days Kaunas Airport will be the main air gate of the country. Most of the flights from Vilnius are transfered to Kaunas therefore the best way to reach Vilnius is to fly to Kaunas and take a bus or train to Vilnius. Here you will find all options how to do it. ATTENTION, THIS INFORMATION IS ONLY VALID TILL THE END OF RECONSTRUCTION PERIOD!!!

Ollex shuttle bus

Catch Ollex shuttle bus by the entrance to Kaunas Airport every 0,5 h – 1,5 h including at night. Express bus will take you to Vilnius Railway station in 1,5 hour. Price of ticket is 10 Eur and it is possible to buy it from driver, but if you want to be sure, that you will get a seat, better buy online in advance. For going back to Kaunas Airport take same bus in the same place. Ollex bus stop is between Mc‘Donalds and Panorama Hotel in the Railway station. More information:

ollex bus stop
Ollex shuttle bus stop in the Railway station

TOKS shuttle bus

TOKS also offers shuttle bus service from Kaunas Airport to Vilnius bus station (right next to train station). Price is same as Ollex (10 Eur) and you can buy it from driver, in the bus station or online. Travel time is only 1 h 20 min, because they are using fast minibuses. They are going 9 times per day (at night also). The main difference from Ollex is that TOKS buses also stop in Konstitucijos avenue (Europos square) and Šventaragio street (Cathedral square) when they are leaving Vilnius at night. More information:

TOKS shuttle bus
TOKS shuttle bus stops in Vilnius during the night


If you prefer more comfortable trip, use CityBee. It is local car sharing system. You can take car from Kaunas Airport and leave it in any of 83 CityBee stops in Vilnius. No contracts needed, everything can be done using smartphone, but first you need to register in their system. Here is the link with instructions: . Trip to Vilnius with cheapest car Fiat 500 would cost about 20 Eur.

Going through Kaunas

Cheaper, but more time consuming option would be to reach Kaunas first and then go to Vilnius. In the Kaunas Airport you can catch city bus 29 or 29E, which costs 0,80 Eur (timetable: ) and go to Kaunas Railway station. From Railway station take a train to Vilnius which costs about 6 Eur (timetable: ). Don‘t forget to use your International Student card (ISIC), if you have one, because it will give you 50 % discount on city public transport and train tickets (doesn‘t work if you buy online). If you choose this way, you can also visit Kaunas, this city used to be capital of Lithuania and has many things to see.

These are the best ways to reach Vilnius from Kaunas Airport. Have a nice trip. We are waiting you here in Vilnius every day by the Town Hall at 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. to join our Free tour ☺

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