Markets in Vilnius

kalvariju market

Market (turgus in Lithuanian) is always the place where you can feel the local atmosphere, try some local food, buy something interesting or at least do window shopping and click nice pictures. If you want to learn where to find the markets and why they are special, then continue reading 🙂

hales market

Local markets in Vilnius

HalÄ—s market

This market is the oldest marketplace in Vilnius. It is very convenient because of its location between the railway station and the old town. There are two parts: one is for food and another is for clothes, shoes and other things. In the food section apart local food you can also find some cozy cafes and small restaurants what even have halal food.

Working hours: Tuesday – Saturday 7 am – 6 pm | Sunday 7 am – 3 pm

Kalvarijų market

kalvariju market

It is a central market of Vilnius, located next to the skyscrapers of the new city centre. There are both indoor and outdoor stalls in three huge pavilions. It is typical Soviet era market, although it lost its old look after recent renovation.

Working hours: Tuesday – Sunday 7 am – 4 pm

Tymo market

Located right next to Užupis Republic, this eco market offers you fresh local vegetables, fruits and other natural things. Here you can buy products from people who actually grow them. You will also find a nice park and playground just by the market.

Working hours: Thursday 10 am – 3:30 pm

Flea markets/Antique shops

Apart from usual markets, there are also flea markets where you can buy old second-hand things for a good price. Here are some of them:

A flea market in Lazdynų Pelėdos square

This is a real flea market which takes place in Lazdynų Pelėdos square (between Visų Šventųjų and Arklių streets, in front of Jamaica hostel). Here you can meet many people who are selling different old things and of course, you can bargain here.

Working hours: Friday and Saturday 10 am – 3 pm (time really depends on weather)

Kalvarijų flea market

Kalvarijų market was already mentioned but there is also flea market what takes place at the entrance to the market. This one probably is the biggest flea market in Vilnius.

Working hours: Sunday morning

Domininkonų gatvės antikvariatas

If timetable of flea markets is not good for you, then you can try antique shops in the old town. This antique shop is located on Domininkonų street next to the church. Half of the shop is loaded with old books in general from the Soviet era. Another half is for small things like coins, jewelry, spoons, paintings and other random things. Prices are not so high to compare with the next place on this list.

Vilniaus antikravo centras

Another shop located on Domininkonų street. This one concentrates on fancy things like old wooden furniture, sculptures, cups, golden spoons and jewelry. This place is good for window shopping or for people who are ready to spend few hundred euros for exclusive items.

6 blusos (6 fleas) 

Located on Plies street 6 this shop concentrates more on stuff from Soviet times. Here you can find medals, coins, watches, and etc.

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