Places to see in Lithuania

Many travellers on our tours ask what else they should see in Lithuania. We decided to share some recommendations on what should be on your to see list while you are here. Here is our guide to Lithuania for beginners.



vilnius free tour

The best way to start your visit in Vilnius and Lithuania is to join the free tour. These days it is a very popular concept all over the world. During the tour you will see the main sights of the old town and hear stories behind it. It is a good introduction to your trip and “Vilnius Free Tour” guides will be happy to give you more tips on tours, activities or sights that are interesting to you. The tour runs every day at 10 AM and 12 PM-noon from Vilnius town hall – Didziojist. 31 More info:


Fans of history shouldn’t miss a KGB museum (, Jewish museum ( For those, who are not too much into serious topics, should visit ( – a great way to learn more about the history through impressions. Join our Viking boat ( and meet the local pagans there. Visit illusions museum ( If you happen to be a student, use your student card – many museums have student discounts.


Vilnius is a hilly town. The old town is surrounded by 7 hill from where you can get really nice views whenever you would go. If you want to  see the old town head over to the Gediminas hill of Three crosses hill. A bit more local pace is Tauras hill which is one of the best places to see the sunset in the city.

vilnius view


Go to Trakai – a beautiful town, approximately half an hour away from Vilnius. You can get there by public transport (bus or train or take an organised tour. If you go by public transport, a one way ticket costs less than 2 EUR.

trakai castle

Firstly, you can go to the castle. It will take you 30-40 minutes. The entrance to the castle cost 7 EUR. If the weather is nice, you should take a dip, rent a boat or  a paddle board in one of the lakes around. The castle is surrounded by 7 lakes. However most of the action takes place in the main “Galves” lake. Finally, go for bite. You cannot miss “kibinai”. It is the traditional food of the Karaites community in Trakai. You can also try some gira (kvass) and krupnikas (honey and herb liquor).


You should also spend one day to visit the Hill of Crosses. A powerful and mysterious place with thousands of crosses. It’s hard to reach it by public transport. Although, it’s possible! Check this article on how to get there The best option, however, is to take a day tour from Vilnius. It is a full day trip, however you will visit few more places that you would miss by using public transport.  More info about the tour:

hill of crosses


Kaunas is the second biggest city of Lithuania and the former capital of the country. It has a beautiful old town to explore. Visit devil’s museum ( Taka a funicular ride (one of the oldest funiculars in Europe!). Also, don’t forget to join Kaunas Free Tour. It is a great opportunity to explore modern side of Kaunas and visit places that many people skip. Local guides will everything you need to know about Kaunas. Kauans Tour starts at 12 pm on Saturday, Sunday and Monday from Soboras.

For those who are into history, we recommend visiting the 9th Fort. Finish your visit in Kaunas by enjoying the famous Soviet dougnuts in the legendary Suprginė (Laisvės al. 84, Kaunas).

kaunas old town
Kaunas old town

Kaunas is also a capital of the Lithuanian basketball!! If you have a chance, go to a basketball match in Žalgirio arena ( You will feel the awesome atmosphere and see how the Lithuanians love basketball 🙂

On the way to Kaunas you can visit Rumšiškės open air museum ( to see how typical Lithuanian villages look like.


Grutas park ( – that’s something for those who are interested in Soviet times. After Lithuania declared independence from the Soviet Union, all kinds of Soviet statues and other Soviet heritage was brought to the park. It’s like an open air museum about the Soviet times. You can reach it by public transport. Take a bus from Vilnius bus station to Druskininkai and tell the driver that you want to go to Grutas park. He will make a stop by Grutas park just before the bus arrive in Druskininkai.


Don’t forget the Lithuanian coast! A town called Palanga becomes really busy in Summer, as thousands of Lithuanians go there for holiday. Klaipėda’s “Sea Festival” (Jūros Šventė) should be on your list if you come to Lithaunia on the last weekend of July.

However, if you are a nature lover, and you don’t fancy crowds of people, the Curonian Spit peninsula must be on your list. You will love its peaceful fishermen villages, beautiful forests and sand dunes. If the weather is nice, it’s a great idea to cycle from Klaipėda (a town on the Lithuanian coast) to Nida on the Curonian Spit. The distance of 50 kms is easy to do even for not an experienced biker, as all the way is pretty flat. Our “mountains” are not so high. The highest one is just above 300 meters 🙂 You can bring your bike on the bus and ferry, so, you don’t have to cycle 50 km back.

Houses in Nida

Enjoy Lithuania!

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