Let Vilnius be your Valentine

Found yourself in Vilnius on Valentine’s Day wondering how to spend the special occasion? Well, we are about to drop some local wisdom and share several romantic places you might want to visit this Valentine’s Day. No matter whether you are traveling alone, with a group of friends or with your significant other, there is plenty to choose from.

If you are more of a hotel kind of person and prefer spending time in private environment, Vilnius has several hotels that can offer you that romantic vibe you are looking for. Located in the city centre, the Shakespeare Boutique Hotel is a perfect place to stay for those who have a thing for traditional romanticism and all things classic. Every room in the hotel has a unique style that pays tribute to the eighteenth century and its fashion. Plus, you can admire the streets of the Old Town just by looking out of the window and have all the city hotspots at the reach of your hand. Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square is another hotel situated in the heart of Vilnius, right next to the Cathedral Square. This luxurious place might not be your cheapest option, but the elegant yet modern interior together with the stunning sights of Vilnius Old Town is sure worth a try. However, if you are looking for a cosy and intimate place to spend your Valentine’s Day, the Grotthuss Boutique Hotel may be the right choice. Small but elegant rooms, decorated in classic style, and friendly staff will make you feel like home, while the place itself, located in a remote Old Town street away from all the clamour of the city centre, but still within walking distance of the main tourist attractions, will allow you to enjoy the homely atmosphere without leaving the city.

For those who love having a great meal, Vilnius has an abundance of restaurants where you can spend your Valentine’s Day dinner in a romantic fashion. If you are into exotic and experimental cuisine you would probably love the Habit restaurant. Situated in the central street of Vilnius – Gediminas Avenue – the restaurant is a great place to have a romantic dinner experiencing all the tastes of the world. Just don’t forget to make a reservation! If you want to enjoy the evening while sipping a cocktail and admiring the picturesque scenery, visit the Skybar, seated at the top floor of the Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva. It is an excellent choice for those who wish to fully embrace the romance next to the most beautiful panoramic views of the city.

Despite all the fancy places the city has to offer, there is no need to spend a lot of money to see the romantic side of Vilnius. While Gediminas Castle Hill is still unavailable for visitors, you can visit other stunning locations scattered across Vilnius. Probably the most charming of them all is the Belmontas complex encompassing both an amazing landscape and historically authentic buildings. While spending time in this leisure and entertainment centre, you can walk its many paths, enjoy its beautifully arranged parks as well as visit its cafes and restaurants. Among the many highlights of Belmontas you can find the Pūčkoriai exposure, the river Vilnia, running just across the complex, and the famous French mill that was built in the 19th century. However, you don’t have to wander far away from the centre too experience the full beauty of Vilnius. The riverside of Neris is one of those romantic routes people choose to walk about either alone or with their significant other while passing the most important spots of the capital such as the Gediminas Castle Tower or the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. Another location, which is popular among locals and tourists alike, is the Subačius viewpoint. From this high spot you can cover the grounds of not only the Old Town of Vilnius and the city centre, but also see the Republic of Užupis. Doesn’t matter what time of year it is, standing in this exact place, you can observe Vilnius in all its glory. All in all, if you enjoy peaceful strolls in nature or fascinating panoramic views, these beautiful locations of the city is a must-see.

Well, what about the nightlife, you might ask. We have that too! Here are a few places that offer some interesting choice of events this Valentine’s Day. If you long for some human interaction, we suggest you visit Žalianamis at 84A Antakalnio Street and spend the afternoon by sharing eye contact with your loved ones or even with total strangers. It starts at 4 pm, so don’t be late to experience this exceptional event! If you want to spend this romantic occasion in anime style, be sure to stop by the Geek Café at 1 Geležinkelio Street where you can join your fellow anime lovers in a blind date match-making. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to find your soulmate or simply participate in various Valentine’s Day games – we start at 7 pm! And if all you want to do is to have some fun, let’s dance the night away in the Valentine Night at La Birra Pub, while DJ spins the best tracks. You can find this place at 29 Vilnius Street and join the fun starting 11 pm! Doesn’t matter if you are looking for a place to spend your evening or simply like to see how Vilnius looks like during the night, don’t miss out on these Valentine’s Day events.

And remember that the most important thing is not where you spend this Valentine’s Day, but how you spend it. So, try to make the most of your visit and experience the best side of Vilnius!

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