5 restaurants in Vilnius for everyone’s taste

Bon apetit! Buen provecho! Skanaus! 

So you’re in Vilnius. Hooray! And you’ve been having fun sightseeing. Yeah! And you’re starting to feel kind of hungry. Woo-hoo! Because there’s some very tasty food in town, and a 100% chance you’ll get some of it in your mouth! Read on to hear my top five suggestions for some highly enjoyable, multi-cultural ‘valgis’…


A world favourite, global success story. Has any other food done so well in trans-continental eating success? No need to answer to that! Vilnius, like other capitals, has its fair share of great Italian restaurants; and if pizza’s your thing then look no further than the delicious Bonocosì, on Gedimino prospektas in the Old Town.

This is what the pizzas look like:

Don’t worry, you don’t have to eat a whole one! Pizzas can be bought by the metre, or in portion sizes ranging from 30-150cm. Toppings can be mixed and matched and there are some excellent veggie options. The décor is very pleasant too!

Bonocosi Pizza


Whether for a full plate of food or just a filling snack, Zatar, on Vokiečių gatve, is the place to head if you want something nourishing, yummy and reasonably priced. They serve the best falafel I have ever had, and I’ve eaten A LOT. Sometimes I think my body must be up to 50% humus. You can buy falafel in pita or a plate of meze, which is just a little bit more expensive. The falafel in pita comes with a topping of your choice. I usually go for the tzatziki. I guarantee you will leave with a happy stomach!

Zatar felafels


If you want to treat yourself to something a bit more upmarket, but still don’t want to break the bank, then Georgian House on Mėsinių gatve may be the place for you. They serve an excellent example of the regional dish ‘khachapuri’, which is a bit like a pie and a pasty and a pizza all at the same time. It’s big! You can also indulge in a ‘horn of wine’, which should be drunk in one go – as it’s impossible to put down!

(For a slightly cheaper khachapuri, I recommend Ararat on Kauno gatve, in the new town – just down the road from the station. The surroundings are slightly less polished, but the food is still nice and filling!)




Maybe you’re a vegetarian, someone who likes vegetarian food, an Asian food fan, or all three! Radharane has restaurants on Gedimino prospektas and in Ozas shopping mall. There’s a wide selection of soups, curries and scrumptious samosas, freshly baked every morning. I highly recommend the soy filling, if like me you are a vegetarian who still enjoys the texture of meat. They are filled with nice chewy chunks of soy and a rich tomato sauce. The spinach and cheese, or the paneer fillings are also very good!



What better way to end this multi-cultural meal tour than right back where it started, in Lithuania! A visit to Vilnius is not complete without trying the real local cuisine. Fortas has a big menu of Lithuanian dishes including the mysterious and delicious taste sensation of cepelinai! Have yours stuffed with meat or cheese. There are plenty of other options on the menu, and children’s tastes are well catered for. Don’t forget a nice drink to wash your food down!

Forto Dvaras




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